What Do Baby Chickens Look Like at When They Are 6 Weeks Old?

It’s been 6 weeks now since The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird brought home 6 baby chicks from the feed store, and I picked up two more from The Garden Sphere in Tacoma.

Here is what the chicks look like now…

Pablo and Picasso {Silver Laced Wyandotte}

Can you tell the difference between these two birds?  Everyone seems to think Pablo is a rooster.  It’s true his legs are a bit thicker, and he’s sporting a red comb and waddle… But what do YOU think?  Is this bird gonna crow?  If so, do you want him?

This is 5, one of our Rhode Island Red chickens.  She was a total cuddle bug until we moved the birds outdoors last week.  Now she just wants to run away when ever The Girl or I try to hold her.

This is Maroon, also a Rhode Island Red.  She’s not to fond of us.

But then there is little Black Fatty, our new Australorp.  She LOVES us.  Her and Hilda are the first ones to come running up to us when we enter the chicken run.  Maybe it’s because they are super smar and know we have food.  But I’d like to think they love us.

Matilda {Easter Egger}. She’s to cool for us.  Her glam eyes have disappeared a bit, but at least she will let us hold her every once in awhile.

Peanut {Easter Egger}.  Another total stinker.

Hilda, Hilda, Hilda.  This bird runs to our feet, and peeps until we pick her up.

And then all she wants to do is take a nap in our arms.

Raising chickens is the best.  Wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. says

    It really is the best. I love them. We have 6. Ours are Columbian Wyandotte – Dottie, Speckled Sussex – Susie, Welsummer – Willa, Rhode Island Red – Providence, Ameracauna – Bonnie, Cuckoo Marans – Crazy Mary.

  2. Angie Smith says

    I love the name Little Black Fatty. Haha! I wish the feed stores here would sell chicks in the fall, but the winters are so cold that it’s not really a good time to be getting baby birds, I guess. We’ll have to wait until Spring.

  3. Haley Barrett says

    I have two chickens that had red waddles and combs about that age, we thought for sure they were roosters but it seems like everyone else has caught up now at about fourth months so we are still waiting to see if we have any roosters.

  4. Heather says

    Pablo is definitely a rooster. I even showed the last set of pics to my sister who is the poultry superintendent for the local fair and she said it was without a doubt a rooster, the biggest giveaway being the tail. You should probably get rid of him now, the longer you keep him the more attached everyone grows.

  5. Heidi says

    I love chickens. They are a riot to watch. Ours are now 22 weeks old. They started laying last week. We have gotten 6 eggs so far from 7 chickens. They are the cutest little blue eggs. Your variety is awesome. Interesting how different their personalities are. Do you keep them laying all winter by providing extra light or do you let them molt?

  6. Desi says

    Pablo looks just like our Americana did before he started crowing. He was always more brave then the others. He always acted a bit different and I had this gut feeling he was a rooster. He’s got the tail, the waddle, redder comb… sorry!

  7. Thrifty Mom in Boise says

    We just love our chickens! They are so much fun. I am very happy with our decision to add them to our family.

  8. Annbee says

    What do Pablo’s tail feathers look like? They longer than the other chickens? We hatched some chicks that are about 15 weeks and I’m thinking we ended up with roosters due to their tail feathers…

  9. Linette says

    Hi Mavis-
    I’m in the same general area as you and have been having issues with hawks going after our chickens. I was just wondering if you have had any problems, and if so, what have you done to keep the predators away? I’ve tried everything to deter them, but they keep coming back. I’ve been visiting your page for a while and I love it!

    • Mavis says

      Linette, have you tried bird netting yet? We have not had 1 single hawk problem since we attached bird netting to the top of the coop. Woks like a charm and you can get it for $9.99 a roll at The Home Depot. :) I hope that helps.

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