Roasted Chicken with Potatoes

Doesn’t this roasted chicken look yummy?  Why yes, unless you are a vegetarian of course it does.  One might even go so far as to say it looks divine.  Yes, I said divine.  Almost picture perfect if you ask me. But hang on… there’s a story behind this beautiful bird.

2 nights ago I decided to roast a chicken for dinner.  I had thawed a bird the night before and everything was set to go.  I pulled out my favorite Le Creuset pot out of the cupboard, placed a handful of potatoes and carrots in the pot, drizzled melted butter over the bird and used about 1/2 a bottle of fresh garlic pepper seasoning on top. Okay, so maybe not a 1/2 a bottle… But a rather liberal amount.

I then turned the oven on and place the covered pot in the oven.  An hour later, I went to pull the pot of the oven as discovered I forgot to turn the oven to BAKE.

Now, we typically eat dinner around 7:30 pm {very European I know} but for some reason we didn’t sit down to the table until about 8 that night.  So when I pulled the uncooked chicken out of the oven I knew immediately I’d have in enforce Dinner Plan B.

Cereal.  I feed my family cereal for dinner.  Sweet.

Since I went to all the trouble to take pictures of my beautiful roasted chicken dinner… I might as well show them to you anyway.  Better late than never right?

How to cook chicken:



Place a thawed bird in a dutch oven, toss in a few potatoes and carrots, add some butter and a few seasonings, cover and bake for 1 hour.  Remove the lid and cook an additional 20 minutes.

Good Luck!

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  1. Tristan says

    What temperature do you bake this at? I assume it was around 400 or so, but I just wanted to double check. Thanks :-)

  2. Angela says

    Ok so once, my family was asked to cook for a valentine’s day event at a local church. Everyone was dressed up, the room looked beautiful, and we were making chicken cordon bleu with glazed carrots. It was the first time my Dad had used an oven that had to be set to “bake” in order to start cooking, and no one told him this fact until everyone was sitting down waiting to eat and he opened the oven to discover COLD, RAW chicken!

    So I can totally relate!! But at least for you it was your family and not a room full of church members, hahaha.

  3. Elise says

    Ok, this had me Laughing Out Loud!

    Whenever I roast chicken now I always do 2 at a time – more leftover for the same amount of work! This wouldn’t work with the Dutch oven method, but I put 2 chickens side-by-side on my roasting rack over a 9×13, and 80-90 minutes later I have at least 3 meals worth of chicken DONE! I thought if it by chance one time when chickens were on a killer sale, but only in 2-packs. Now I do it that way every time, about once every month or so. I’m collecting “cooked chicken” recipes – things like curries and Chinese preparations that I can sub in cooked chicken, dinner in 20-30 minutes:)

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