Why I Love Zaycon Foods: High Quality Meat/Fruits at Wholesale Prices!


I’ve decided bulk is seriously the only way to go! I just placed my order for the next Zaycon chicken event, and I’m getting excited. But while I was on their website, I noticed they have so much more than just chicken and ground beef. They sell fruit, seafood, pork, and even raw honey. And you guessed it, they’re all at wholesale prices. Zaycon is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to save money by spending money. I know it sounds weird, but when I buy in bulk I not only get a good price, but I make all sorts of meals & cook a bunch of meat in advance. So I’m not only saving money on the meat, but time. And since time is money, well, you get my point.

Speaking of saving time. I knew today was going to be a crazy day around here, so I took some of my Zaycon chicken I had in my freezer and threw this crock pot meal together so I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking at dinner time.

Easy Crock Pot Meals – Honey Chicken and Rice Recipe. Hands down one of my favorite, favorite crock pot meals EVER. You should go order yourself some Zaycon chicken and then make this. You just might love me forever for suggesting it {or at least until you finish off this meal, then you might become an angry elf}.

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  1. Jennifer says

    While I enjoy your blog and the savvy savings concept, your post this time is a bit too much like an ad and not as much like a blog post, which is a little bit of a bummer, because I think this diminishes the sense of sincerity and connection that comes with reading a blog routinely. I mean this only, only as a constructive comment.

  2. Lauren says

    Hi Mavis, you say raw honey, what other type of honey is there? (So glad you have so many tomatoes this year)

  3. Lissa says

    Keep up the good work Mavis. Your blog entertains and inspires many of us for FREE every single day. Because of you, I’ve tried growing different types of tomatoes, I grew broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for the first time. My freezers look totally different because you taught me how to properly store things. I know never to drink 20 cups of tea a day. I’m nicer to my “interesting” (wacky) neighbors. I have a new (begrudging) appreciation for gnomes. I could go on and on but won’t. My day isn’t complete without reading your blog (the only one I read every day). For that, I thank you. You rock!

  4. Nancy D says

    Mavis….your blog is continually an inspiration to me! Incorporating gardening, entertaining, community events, cooking, travel, food preservation, chickens, crafts, frugality (including links to fantastic deals), as well as your entertaining and informative photographs and current events in the life of Lucy the Puggle Dog ….you are an amazing, energetic and organized woman who entices your loyal followers to enjoy life! I humbly salute you! 😉

    • Mavis Butterfield says

      They offer their beef, bacon and chicken every 6 months. Beef and bacon should be available again in 5 months. :)

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