A Quick Trip to Duris Cucumber Farm in Puyallup

duris farm pickles

I don’t know why roadside fruit stands hold such a special place in my heart, but they do. Something as basic as buying food from the people who produce it should be part of everyday life. But for most of us sadly it isn’t, and that kind of bums me out.
ginger gold apples

Ginger gold apples. Have you tried them? I bought a few pounds and I plan on making a batch of homemade raspberry applesauce with them. I’ve never tried this variety before but according to the lady behind the cash register at Duris Farm in Puyallup they are suppose to be out of this world for applesauce.
freestone peaches

Peaches! How does a case go for in your neck of the woods?

fresh dill

Fresh dill. white patio furniture

One of the things I love about visiting Durris Farm every summer is the “man section.” You can tell women are in charge of the place because they’re are all sorts of antiques and extra seating to keep the men folk from wandering off to the hardware store or something because the little woman is doing her grocery shopping. 😉 I LOVE that!

duris farm stand puyallup

Seriously, if you are nearby, go give this place a visit. They offer pickling classes, bulk discounts and sell everything you could possibly want or need for pickling cucumbers.

Not only do they have pickles, but they have loads of other produce as well as local honey.

duris farm puyallup

Durris Farms in Puyallup, go check it out!



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  1. says

    There is a roadside stand that I love to stop at on my way home from running errands in town. My son likes to stop too, so he can talk fishing with one of the guys that works there. I saw a notice on Facebook that an area orchard is selling peaches for $30 a bushel here in VA, or $20 for 2nd’s due to the hailstorm we had. Sometimes towards the end of the season, they will sell them BOGO free! We were eating cherries today and remembered how plentiful the roadside stands selling cherries were on our trip to the Northwest. It was this time of year when we came through there. Yum!

  2. Cecily says

    I love Duris! I grow my own pickling cucumbers but go there for dill throughout the season (I live less than 10 minutes away) and to get peaches and gallon size jars. The ginger golds are wonderful although my favorite for sauce are gravensteins.

  3. Gloria says

    I buy peaches to can and I get mine from local Mennonite markets who sell 2nds for about $17 a bushel, and firsts for $40 a bushel. Since they’ll all be peeled and sliced there’s little point in buying first for canning. For fresh eating I’m lucky to have several peach trees of my own that I know are organic. Woohooo peach season!

  4. Mona says

    I stopped by Duris this afternoon on my way home from Seattle. I love this place! I had to scale myself back as I wanted to buy supplies for canning peaches, pickles, green beans, corn…….. This trip I settled for pickles but I will be back!

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