Downton Abbey Is Back!

Season 3 Trailer

Darling, our butler Hans informed us the much anticipated third season of Downton Abbey starts this Sunday, January 6th, on PBS {check your local listings for times}.  If you have not watched this series before, I highly recommend you STOP EVERYTHING and catch up on seasons one and two immediately.   Amazon Prime members can catch up on the series for free {non-members can watch it for $1.99 an episode}.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about {because you live in a cave}, the show depicts an English aristocratic family and their servants in the early 1900’s.  The characters are delightfully flawed, and the attention to historical detail is awesome.

downtown abby

If you are a fan, what’s your vote, will Matthew and Mary live happily ever after? Will Mary’s meddling sister Edith get in the way? Will they finally hire someone to plant a few flowers in the front of the castle so we have something more to look at than a gravel driveway when guests arrive?

Ahhhh I can’t wait!

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  1. Anne F. says


    Wow! All this *and* you are a Downton Abbey fan too.

    Counting the hours until season three begins,

  2. Tessa says

    Love Downton Abbey! My mom and I watch and then discuss the episodes. We can’t wait for Sunday. Make sure you have a nice tea cup and some scones ready!

  3. Ashley says

    K, I guess I need to start watching this. We don’t have cable/sat, so we’re pretty limited in our options. Hubby is going to be gone Saturday night, so if by some miracle the kiddos actually go to sleep, I’ll try to catch up on Season 1 :)
    Gotta love PBS- hit shows, cooking programs, and my lifesaver: PBS kids. Don’t know how I’d live without it (I have a 1 year old and an almost 3 year old).

  4. Penelope says

    I’ve been wanting to watch this for so long… I just haven’t had the time to sit and watch. I’m hoping to do a marathon session some weekend since a redbox had the entire first season on one disc.

  5. Kelly R. says

    I’ve seen series 3 already. It is amazing. Absolutely incredible. I plan to re-watch on PBS, even though it has only just ended on iTV two weeks ago.

  6. Margaret Bushee says

    As I love all things Jane Austen and period dramas, I was on board from the beginning. So happy that Downton is back. Always wonderful to view it each year in the dead of winter after Christmas is over. Something to anticipate and savor as winter moves slowly toward spring.

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