Easy Kids Crafts – DIY Bird Feeders Ideas

toilet paper bird feeder{photo credit – Cocktail Mom}

star bird feeder{photo credit – Sweet Paul}

pine cone bird feeder{photo credit – Kate’s Life}

bird feeder homemade 1
{photo credit – Spoonful}

teacup bird feeder{photo credit – Intimate Weddings}

old light bird feeder{photo credit – The Art of Doing Stuff}

Have you ever made a homemade bird feeder? Did it work? Did your feeder attract a lot of birds? Above you’ll find a few cool ideas and links. Simply click the link to go visit the original source and find out how to make these.

I love the Star Feeder, but I think I am going to stick with the basics, and attempt the toilet paper roll one instead.


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  1. says

    Here on the east coast, squirrels make birdfeeding a real challenge. I have made homemade bird feeders with my kids — suet on pinecones — and the squirrels and raccoons loved them! I also had a beautiful teacup, like the 5th photo, on a copper pipe in my garden and it was mildly amusing to watch a gray squirrel first try to scurry up it, and then banging into it to knock the seeds out.

    So now I stick with birdfeeders that are squirrel and raccoon proof. Not easy to find!

  2. Jillbert says

    I love the second photo! We made bird seed ornaments last year for teacher gifts. You can see them on my blog: http://simplejill.com/?p=2804 along with a link to instructions on how to make them. I’m loving your web site, Mavis!! You are inspiring me to get my garden on this year!

  3. Heather says

    FYI! My sister wants to be you and led me to your blog! Do you live in WA State? Do you have a grocery outlet? If so…you need to totally shop there!

  4. GlitterMamma says

    We’ve made pinecone ones. Get a big pine cone tie a string to the top, coat in in peanut butter and roll it in bird seed. Hang it from whatever. Birds loved them!

  5. Annabel Lee says

    I read that once the squirrel figures out your feeder, for example it takes him 25 tries to leap on to it, after he succeeds the 1st time, he will never miss again. Yankee something makes really nice squirrel proof feeders that are weighted and flip the squirrel off. I think they are over $100 though.

    Raccoons are worse, they climb up, unhook the feeder from the tree branch and drop it to the ground Then they all sit underneath and feast. I saw them doing this.

  6. Kari says

    Several years ago, my kids and I made pinecone bird feeders and hung them neatly in our back yard tree. The next morning, the pinecones had completely disappeared. The squirrels had taken them. We haven’t tried that since.

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