Flower Pot Candy Bouquet

Flower Pot Candy Bouquet

The Girl has had the same friends all through high school.  Her group of girls have spent countless nights at my house, so when Senior Night came, I wanted to make them each a little something.

I decided on flower pot candy bouquets.  I think these would make an awesome gift for just about any occasion, so even if you don’t have a senior this year {pause for nervous breakdown}, you can make them for birthdays, teacher’s gifts, etc.

Flower Pot Candy BouquetYou’ll Need

A small flower pot
A foam ball {size depends on the size of your flower pot}
A pretty fair amount of dum-dum suckers
Glue gun
Spray paint or ribbon can be used to decorate the pots as well. {I chose not to in the end}

Flower Pot Candy Bouquet


Using the glue gun, glue the foam ball into place on your flower pot.  Now, starting at the top center of the foam ball, push the stick of the dum-dums into the ball.  You only need to push it about as far as the start of the wrapper.  Continue placing the dum-dums, working outward toward the flower pot, until the foam ball is completely covered.

Flower Pot Candy Bouquet

That’s it.  So easy, right?


Flower Pot Candy Bouquet

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  1. Lisa says

    Super cute idea! My oldest daughter is a senior this year too and I try to take it one day at a time and not think that she will be moving out in four months!

  2. Random Person Named Melissa says

    You know what would make that alittle bit better? A bow and ribbon around the very top of the pot itself. A darker color would look best to offset the bright colors of the dum-dums. It would look awesome.

    Anyways nice idea I’m very tempted to try it out for next Easter.

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