Friday Night at the Movies – Ingredients

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This week, the Girl and I will be taking the suggestion of one of my readers and watching Ingredients. {Thanks Kate!}  Ingredients is a documentary that exposes the shortcomings of our industrialized food system and follows the growing movement toward the grow-local ideal.  The film is supposed to highlight the ever-changing demands on farmers {I always love getting the farmer’s perspective} and highlight cities that have learned to integrate locally grown cuisine into their businesses and restaurants.

Ingredients is available for free for Amazon Prime members.

Should be an interesting watch.

Let me know what you think if you decide to watch it–or if you have already seen it.  Did you love it? Hate it? Can’t wait to watch it over and over?

Looking for more movies?

Check out the full list of my Friday Night at the Movies Selections or click on over & look at all the movies on Amazon Instant Video. There are a ton of videos to choose from that will cost you absolutely nothing {nada, zilch, free-o} with Amazon Prime; like thousands of regular movies & TV shows & hundreds of documentaries {Wahoo!}. Get all the details HERE!

Peace out Girl Scouts & have yourself a great weekend,


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  1. We just finished watching it. Very good movie. Makes me want to dig up the whole yard and grow, but I’m not physically capable of doing that anymore, darn it!

    Thanks for the Friday movie recommendations. We’re learning a lot here. :)

  2. Just watched this, very good! Working on growing more of my own, and considering a CSA.

  3. Hey Lady! What did you think? I’m so glad I can geek out on garden/food documentaries and not feel ashamed. :)

  4. Very good…makes me want to grow more and more!

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