How to Feed Your Family for $100 a Month – Week 19 of 52

case of fuji apples

Fred Meyer – $26.40

Fred Meyer had Fuji apples on sale for $0.88 a pound last week so of course I stocked up. This time around the apples came in 30 pounds cases {most of the time they are 40 pounds} and so we’ve been snacking on apples and making apple chips like crazy around here the past few days.

sara lee whole wheat bread

Oroweat Bakery Outlet $5.00

The Girl and I went to the mall on Saturday to pick up a dress for graduation and decided to stop by the Oroweat Bakery Outlet in Tacoma on the way home. We met One Hundred Dollars a Month reader Allison there {Hi Allison!} and loaded up on bread that was Buy 1 Get 1 for $1.00 a loaf.

With school almost out, this should be enough bread to last our family all summer. :)

smith brothers milk delivery

Smith Brother’s Milk Delivery $11.16

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but we are not drinking a lot of milk right now. I think I may switch to an every other week milk delivery here pretty soon.

fred meyer shopping trip

Fred Meyer- $23.94

While I was busy sleeping in on Mother’s Day the HH went grocery shopping. 😉 Oh yes he did. Ha! Fred Meyer is actually having a huge Founder’s Day sale this week {not that the HH found any sale prices} so I think I’ll head over there later and see what kind of deals I can find. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Who does the shopping in your house, and most importantly, if you let your husband do the shopping every week do you think your grocery bill would be double? Triple?

Mavis wants to know.

Total Spent This Week $66.51
Total Spent This Year $712.12
Total Spent This Year on Garden Seeds/Supplies $38.94

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  1. Ginget says

    I have never bought a case of apples. How long do they last? My husband will probably think I lost my mind if I brought home a case since we are a family of 4. But man that is a good price,

    • Mavis Butterfield says

      We go through apples pretty quick. OUr family can probably eat 30 pounds of apples in a month if we’ve got them. BUt I’d say if stored properly, they could last a few months.

  2. Heidi says

    If I let my husband do the grocery shopping our monthly grocery budget would definitely double, shopping when there are sales takes a lot of planning and organization so that nothing goes to waste. Thank you for your site Mavis, I really enjoy reading it and it makes me feel less crazy for being frugal, gardening and canning :)

  3. Lacy says

    Your shopping trips are one of my most favorite on tho blog, Mavis! I do the shopping in my house unless the fiance needs to pick up something quick or needs snacks for work. Im glad to see that even though you spend a little more on groceries, you eat healthy! We have a set $200 a month set and have stuck to that very closely for the past 2 years. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. Cecily says

    I do all the grocery shopping in our house as well as all the cooking. If my DH did the shopping it would cost twice as much and all we would eat is junk food! 😉 The price of the apples is not bad. I get apples from my local produce stand for 39-69 cents a pound.

  5. says

    Now I’m craving those apples! I will have to visit our local bread outlet store again. We actually don’t eat as much bread as many families. I am gluten free but the rest of my gang eat bread. We did hit up Panera Bread to pick up the baker’s dozen last week. I had the girls put single bagels in the freezer to keep them fresh. The cinnamon crunch bagels when first!

  6. renay says

    The only problem…these may be apples that have been in storage since last fall, hence the rockin’ sale price. Or they could be coming from another country…in which case you have to decide if you want them from a country that doesn’t have our food standards. I say, plant your own apple tree with a variety that stores really well! Check out Caleb Warnock He is into feeding his family from his own yard, using seed saving and long storing food crops to do it. Great tips, great books, I highly recommend him!

  7. Cheryl says

    I think my husband has grocery shopped alone maybe 3 times in the past 26 years of marriage! I clearly remember him going one time and bringing home several jars of peanut butter and packages of kielbasa! When he does tag along with me, our bill is usually higher than normal, but I figure he was at least able to pick out what he wants.

  8. says

    There is absolutely no way my husband is doing the shopping! Last time he did some shopping for me he probably called to ask me questions about 20 times, then I about fainted when I heard the total. It was sweet of him to offer that time, but it was not worth the pain. :)

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