How To Get Free Food Week #2

Yesterday, I collected another load of “chicken scraps.”  This time there were 4 boxes.  I almost fainted.  The first thing that came to mind was, what’s wrong with the watermelon?  What’s wrong with the carrots? And then it hit me. There was nothing wrong with them.

It would just be to time consuming to pick out the bad stuff, re-package it, and sell the rest.

Instead of taking the time to open a plastic container of strawberries, yank out the 3 bad ones, close it back up and put the container back on the shelf, it’s much easier to dump all the berries in a compost box and be done with it. After all, there are more berries to sell in the back.  Right?

One bad apple spoils the bunch… Right?

The Girl Who Thinks She’s a Bird and I disagree.

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  1. says

    Love it! There is a little old man, that goes to my local Safeway and fills his crusty old little car, with boxes and boxes of produce. One day I asked him what he does with ALL of it, because it crossed my mind his family really needed it, and he told me he takes it to the local foodbank and shares it because the store wouldn’t! I could not believe it either!

    Waste not, want not! :)

  2. Kari says

    Oh my gosh!! I think we’ve all heard about how much food we waste, but this is a huge eye opener. Can you just imagine how many people go hungry and all this food is just thrown away. That is crazy. Thanks for opening my eyes. :-)

  3. says

    Not only do I pick up produce for my chickens, I also dumpster dive for food. I am always shocked at the edible food. Sometimes an apple has a little scratch or one rib on the celery is broken. I eat, freeze, can, and dehydrate and give the rest to my three hens.

  4. Tali says

    Oh Mavis, be still my heart….I am so stinking envious!!! I went last week to a few grocery stores to see if I can pick up some produce for my sheep and chickens (yes, I have 4 ewes, 1 ram and 5 lambs born this year as well as 9 hens)….they said they throw it away…..

  5. Ashley says

    Awesome!!! I am so jealous! At my grocery store I have to pick thru the icky crap to find decent produce to buy. And here you are picking thru FREE produce to get a couple icky things out of all the yummy stuff. Good for you! Seriously though, half the grapes and romaine at my store were half rotten. Can’t wait for farmer’s markets!

  6. Kathy says

    I love that you’re able to do this! My ex-husband managed a Safeway (and was produce manager prior) and was unable to give ANY food away – even to farmers! They did once upon a time, but then people who were eating the ‘food for the livestock’ got sick and sued the store…talk about one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch, right? :(

  7. says

    I’m called my local store and they don’t do this anymore. I don’t know if it’s like what Kathy said (about a lawsuit) or if it’s because they have to pay tax on food they give away. The manager said they can’t even give it to food banks because they now have to pay tax on it.

  8. Heather S. says

    We’d be in smoothie heaven right now! Plus, I bet your chickens are loving you guys for the leftovers :)

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