How To Make A Candy Cane Vase

Are you planning on attending a party this winter and would like to bring something other than chocolate or homemade cookies as a hostess gift?  Make a candy cane vase instead. Not only is it quick and easy to do, but the WOW factor might just score you an extra helping of appetizers.

Start by lining the bottom of a recycled glass container with rocks. I was lucky enough to find these polished rocks up over the summer at a neighbors garage sale for a steal.  In the end, the rocks will be covered anyway, so rocks collected from your backyard will do just fine.

Cover rocks with moistened potting soil and insert a paperwhite or Amaryllis bulb in the center.  I was able to purchase 8 paper white bulbs at Home Depot very inexpensively.

Using Zots* or some other sort of glue dots, carefully adhere candy canes to the side of the vase or selected container.

Once you have covered your vase in wrapped candy canes, use a piece of recycled ribbon to secure candy canes.

Place in a sunny window and wait.  Water periodically.  When paperwhites are a few days from blooming, present recipient with gift.

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