How to Make Ruby Red Slippers

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How to Make Ruby Red Slippers

Since we were headed through Kansas on our way to St. Jude, I thought I’d better whip up some Ruby Red Slippers.  I know, I know, cliche, but who doesn’t love the chance to glitter anything?  Plus, when I am done, I’m pretty sure I know some neighbor kids that would welcome the addition to their dress-up clothes.

ugly brown shoes

I found these high heels on clearance at Target.   So, I grabbed enough for The Girl,  Amberlina, Lola and myself.  Lucky for me, they had all of our sizes.  I laid a board covered in tissue paper out in the lawn to work on–because I really don’t want to  explain to guests why there is glitter all over my house.

How to Make Ruby Red Slippers at the Last Minute

I grabbed a can of high strength adhesive glue.

How to Make Ruby Red Slippers at the Last Minute

And a container of glitter.  Now brace yourself, because here’s where things get really technical:  I sprayed the shoes and then dumped sprinkled the glitter onto the shoes.

How to Make Ruby Red Slippers at the Last Minute

And while it’s true, there’s no place like home–now we can at least make the most of Kansas.


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  1. Helen in Meridian says:

    Love the yellow brick road, where are you in that picture? Also love the purple tees but can’t read what they say. I am probably not the only one.

  2. Did you know that the slippers in the book were silver? They were!

    I learned that when our home school group did The Wizard of Oz a while back. We couldn’t legally call the shoes “ruby slippers.” It’s copy righted. (Oh, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t call them that! I mean that in a public performance you can’t. Our play was on public school property, so it was a public performance.)
    The book is public domain though, so doing the play was fine.

  3. WendyinCA says:

    Y’all are rocking those ruby slippers!!! Awesome!!!!

  4. Love! You gals are adorable!!

  5. This is FANTASTIC!

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