Mavis Garden Blog – Channel Your Inner Pilgrim Episode 1 : Free Carrots

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I’m pretty sure my family is not going to be able to eat 2,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables this summer.  So I’ve decided that each week, as my crops ripen, I’ll give some of it away. For free.

I hope you enjoy the video.


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  1. Fun episode, but the big question is not “Where did you get the pilgrim outfit?”, but “How did you get your carrots to grow so well?”

    First time carrot planter this year, and although they taste FANTASTIC, my carrots haven’t been prolific, nor have they been nice and long. They’re short and stubby, even though they’ve been in the ground since March.


    • Church rummage sale $2! Sorry Dave, I don’t have any special carrot growing tips. :)

    • It’s my understanding that carrots are really picky about their soil. For them to grow long they need to have near perfect soil. No rocks, well spaced, and well rota-tiled before planted. Hope that helps a little, I’m sure there is much about carrot growing that I have yet to learn!

  2. LOL!!
    So awesome. And your daughter telling you that they think you’re weird and when you asked if you look like you’re on crack and she says “a little bit” – ROTFL!! I’d totally stop and pirate all the free carrots. This morning we are off to free IHOP for taking a survey…and booking our free kid haircuts for the month of August at JC Penney…and then at noon we’ll be at Starbucks for the free Refreshers drinks – happy Friday, Miss Mavis!

  3. We grew a lot of carrots too – between the chickens and my daughter’s rabbit they are getting gone FAST! :)

    Loved the video, especially the intro about “I don’t go to the tanning salons or the wine bars…” :) You and I think a lot alike!

  4. Have you thought about canning your carrots for soups/etc. ? :)

  5. Kristin says:

    i’ve canned carrots before- and it’s worked really well.

  6. did you know the couple you gave the free carrots to are the founders of Magical Strings?

    love your idea of sharing the harvest!

    • Yes! They invited me to the concert in the park next Tuesday. You don’t see it in the video, but as they were walking away it clicked who they where and I was like “Hey, i bought your CD at the Bellevue Arts Fair a couple of years ago.”

      What a small world. :)

  7. Oh this cracked me up! Esp. the comments from your teen (?) Love it!

  8. omg, so awesome and funny!!! you are my most favorite person to follow, never know what you’ll be doing! Such an INSPIRATION!!!!
    (btw….i agree with the suggestion of putting “heirloom” carrots on your vitacost cardboard. ha ha hit the farmers market with that and your outfit, you’ll be raided to the point you wish you had bodygaurds!)

  9. Mavis, Mavis, Mavis.

    You are the coolest. Yay for sharing the carrot love.

    Keep it up!

  10. Too bad you are so far away!!! If we lived closer (Im in Portland) I think we would be great friends. You are as crazy as I am! Our kids would have support for their nutty mom’s gutzy behaviors. God bless you, Ill cover Oregon, clearly you have Washington state under control!

  11. Sarah b says:

    Love it! My 4 yr old son Adam enjoys watching the Mavis videos!

  12. This made me laugh and think….we are very alike. I lOVE to dress up. I often dress up as a teacher if the lesson allows it. Too funny and generous Mavis. Well done Pilgrim Servant. LOL

  13. Love it! I needed some comedy relief!! My husband would have a cow if I were to do something like that, although that may not stop me!!

  14. Mary Ann says:

    Hilarious — LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to see the people start lining up when they get used to you out there giving away veggies! I’ll bet you’ll make the local news for this if you continue!

  15. Mavis,

    You crack me up….love what you are doing! My 14 year old daughter would be mortified….I get in trouble for just “car dancing”….can’t wait to show her this! She loved you when she met you at a coupon seminar in Boise last fall….you were in your pjs! Thanks for making me laugh!

  16. Your little move for “my suburban backyard” at 00:27 is the best.

  17. Just priceless.

    So, whats a girl got to do to make you notice her and become a barter buddy with you. My stockpile isnt huge but its varied, and I live in Olympia.

  18. I was drinking my coffee when I got to the part where your daughter started making comments from behind the camera – and almost spewed my coffee all over the computer because I was laughing so hard!

  19. You are awesome…spread the love!

  20. Mavis….you are SO COOL! “heirloom love”

  21. Great video! If you want to keep your carrots longer….what i do is cut the tops off (leaving the top of carrot exposed) and then layer them in clean sand in big rubbermaid containers. I then have nice crunchy carrots through the winter. Keep the videos coming you are hilarious!

  22. Robin Welch says:

    You can tell you kids that all the $ you save on groceries is going toward their therapy fund. LOL

  23. I loved the camera girl’s comments as well:-). Did you know you can dehydrate carrots? They shrink down super small and can be reconstituted in soups. I’ve pressure canned them in the past, but they got too soft for my liking.

    I think you should make this some sort of a routine…like every other Saturday you hang out at a particular place in town. Folks will start looking for you to see what you’re giving away:-).

  24. just too funny! Your one brave pilgrim!

  25. Totally made my Friday!!!

  26. This video made me laugh. Congrats on getting your story picked up by CNN too!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Mavis….you make me proud to be a fellow gardener here in Washington State. Saw the story about you on CNN today. I will now be following your blog. Girl….you rock!!!!

  28. Mavis, jump on up to Seattle and hand out collards with me! HA! Just unloaded a pound on an unsuspecting neighbor and they were pumped!

  29. Omg! Your are really nuts Mrs. Mavis so bummed I missed the carrot giveaway! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  30. Michelle says:

    You are hilarious!! And the comments from your daughter are CLASSIC!! Oh my gosh…I laughed so hard at her I was crying. And then at the end of the video I was crying for a different reason…the photos were so sweet. Love it…can’t wait to see more. xo

  31. Just showed the kids the video. They shrieked with laughter, and several of them announced loudly that “Mavis is nuts!”

    Also, you can store carrots by digging a hole, lining it with lots of sawdust, and burying the carrots in layers of dust. Lid the hole with boards. My dad does it.

  32. Funny!!!! You can actually leave carrots in the ground throughout the winter. Cover them with straw and continue to pull up and use. They store very well that way with minimal effort.

    • Thanks Darlene, I didn’t know that.

      • darlene says:

        I should tell you that the tops will die off but the carrots will be great underneath and acutally get sweeter as winter progresses. You do have to use them before the next spring however, because they will sprout and go to seed. Which reminds me, I was thinking to ask if you had ever considered making YOUR OWN seeds from your produce. The process is super easy and we have literally had the some of the “same” produce for years.

        • I do save some of my seeds. Yep, I don’t think I have ever collected carrot seeds before though. Maybe I’ll try this year.

  33. Mavis, you are inspiring!

  34. AllisonH says:

    I LOVE this idea!!! I was seriously cracking up at the video:) Can’t wait to see what you give away next!

  35. crystal conway says:

    I would juice the carrots everyday if I had that many! And please donate your bounty to local foodbank, there are a lot in the south sound area, I know because a few years ago I had to visit some cause I didn’t have enough money for food. There is rarely fresh produce at them and would be much appreciated. It could possibly even be a tax write off somehow too.

  36. I just found a really delicious looking carrot cake pancake recipe that might come in handy with all your carrots! I haven’t tried it, but the photo on the blog looks amazing!

  37. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen–and I love your daughter’s response when you ask if you look like you’re on crack…hysterical! You are awesome on camera, your personality shines:)

  38. You are a riot! This video was so much fun and look at all the beta-carotene love you shared! Many smiles! Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with the world, such a great resource!

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