Mavis Garden Blog – What Causes Mutant Carrots?

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Have you ever grown a really weird carrot and wondered why it looked that way?

Me too.  Anyone know the answer?

~ Mavis

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  1. Haevy soil. (clay) Carrots grow best in sandy soil

  2. I have always thought it was 2 or 3 carrots seeds growing too closely and get connected? My 2 cents…

  3. Les Godwin says:

    Soil density and spacing or nematodes. Rocks in ths soil can also cause a problem.

  4. rocks or something that it hits while trying to grow down- so they grow in another direction

  5. Well, that top one is definitely a boy. Mine were like that too. :o (

  6. The third one is my favorite. It’s like tiny carrot pants.

  7. Angela Kruger says:

    Carrots fork when soil is too rich in nitrogen. low nitrogen fertlizers only for them.

  8. Too much nitrogen….great soil…mutant carrots.

  9. Mari the Kiwi says:

    Alien genetic experiments I reckon!! Some of those are almost pornographic. lol

    Ok seriousness required.
    - This can be caused by the soil being to shallow, ie not dug deep enough to make it friable. Carrots like loose deep soil.
    - It seemed to me your carrots were covered by a lot of the neighbouring vegetation. Altho the carrots grow in a narrow row, they need light to the soil. It appears to me that you do not have very big tops on them. Because they were fighting for the light, the tops got the growth, not the root.
    - Did u thin them back to one every 4″ or so? I know, I hate destroying the little babies but it really is necessary…. but….. if u dig a 4″ ‘v’ shaped channel about 8″ to the side of the main row, you can carefully transplant the spare babies into that row. Lay them out against the sloping side and then back fill and stand them up carefully. DO it in the evening on a very fine day and water well, then cover with some wet newspaper propped over the row and you will find in a couple of days, they will be sitting nice and erect for you. I do this with my thinnings. I grow lettuces or radishes in the space the carrot thinnings will go, as they are usually up and eaten by the time u need to thin. Either that or if u have the room, leave a good 18″ between rows of carrots to fit the thinnings in.

  10. Don’t know….but my 5 year old wants me to plant some “Just like that”!!

  11. Nematodes in the soil.

  12. I have two beds, one with topsoil with no pebbles and one with dirt from the garden with pebbles. The bed with no pebbles grew straight, the one with pebbles mutated in a huge way. They were both delicious…:D

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