Mavis Travel Blog – 7 Countries in 7 Days Part 3

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I’m beginning to wonder if this trip was a good idea or not…

~ Mavis

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  1. michelle says:

    I have to laugh. My husband, parents and I ended up in Amsterdam. Good luck trying to get out! It is a maze there! Hope you are having fun. Do not stay at the lloyd hotel amsterdam. We could not get any sleep from all the noise.

  2. Hey Mavis….do you think you could put up a map with your travel route highlighted so we can all follow along? That would be super cool. Enjoy your chocolate!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ohhh…..make a video while in Brussels! And be sure to go to Grande Place…so beautiful. Have an espresso at a sidewalk cafe…it will be the best you’ve ever sipped. And yes…chocolate. Definitely chocolate. OH! And a waffle…you MUST have a waffle. (More important than the chocolatee in my opinion!) Or seven. OH! And frites…with tartar sauce…to die for!!


  4. Mari the Kiwi says:

    Say hello to my daughter, she lives in Brussels.

  5. The first weekend in August is Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam. Did you see the flotilla of pink boats? We had to overnight in Amsterdam a few years ago and stumbled onto the same scene.

    • Yes we say a lot of pink. In fact we had to leave the hotel early because they were starting to block off the streets. Wish I would have known that before I booked the hotel. LOL.

  6. Amsterdam stinkin’ scared me. Not a place I would want to visit again. Loved Brussels however. I was not driving a car, so don’t know how the traffic factor is there but hopefully you will enjoy it too.

  7. Yep… that’s Amsterdam…

    There are some nice parts, too. I think you happened to land in the wrong neighborhood on the wrong weekend!

  8. ‘Merica ain’t looking so bad now, is it? :)

  9. Is this the love parade? We got stuck in one, visiting Berlin one time.
    Have a nice and safe trip.

    Btw, I just love your Blog. ;-)

  10. hhmmm I’ve been in Amsterdam before and I liked it and I did not think driving there was super difficult. Yes there was a ton of bycicles but they did not bother me at all. Too bad you did not stop in Hamburg. It is a beautiful city and acutally has more bridges than Venice. I believe it has either the most in the world or at least the most in Europe. Totally would have been worth it!!!

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