Reclaimed Food Show and Tell

reclaimed produce

It looks like things are still a little slow in the produce department. I guess it’s true, people eat less fruits and vegetables in the winter. Maybe we are all to busy trying to keep warm with soups and home cooked meals instead.

Well, that and the part about the price of fresh fruit being sky high in the winter because it has to be flown in from ever corner of the world. Ya, that might have something to do with it too.

free produce

Thanks to Mr. Produce Guy we were able to reclaim a weeks worth of bananas, melon, apples and pears. Not to shabby of you ask me.

happy chickens

The chickens were thrilled with their weekly treat box as well. Melons, grapes and lettuce are some of their favorite things to eat. It makes me sad to think about all those poor lonely chickens out there who don’t get to run around all day scratching in the dirt and being treated like royalty.

All of our backyard chickens have been raised from day old chicks, so they have no idea they are living the good life.

fresh eggs

Look at those 2 tiny chicken eggs! They are so sweet I don’t even want to crack them.

Happy Chickens = Happy Eggs.

Life is good.

Peace Out Girl Scouts, I hope you have a great day.


Would you like to see what else we have brought home over the past 9 months?

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  1. Rachael says

    Wow, I expected to see these boxes of yum as people food (not that eggs aren’t people food)! Are they just a little too old or something? Just curious. Very cool, and those eggs are gorgeous.

  2. crlzmmr says

    Have you shown your produce guy pictures of your chickens enjoying his donations?
    He might get a smile
    but then again,
    he might think you’re crazy (showing him pictures of chickens)

  3. Kari says

    I was at Winco this week, and saw the produce man throwing TONS of beutiful produce in the garbage. I asked him where it all went, and he said, “In the gargbage.” He explained they used to donate it to the food bank/shelters, but there were too many lawsuits. It broke my heart to see a whole bag of oranges get thrown out because there was a minor blemish on one, along with a bunch of other good produce. I almost cried thinking of the hungry people who could benefit greatly from these items.

  4. Mari says

    We call our eggs ‘cackle berries’ because my girls always let us know when they have done the deed. 3 chooks, 3 eggs a day.

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