Square Foot Gardening – The Big Harvest

square foot gardening

In this episode of how the square foot garden turns…

Mavis harvests a giant head of broccoli, picks some peas and checks in on her lettuce plants.

sugar snap peas

Ha! Having a big garden that’s broken up into small sections really is like living in a little soap opera, isn’t it?

Well this week was a great one in our 4×8 square foot garden. For starters, we harvested sugar snap peas and snow peas 3 times. Although there wasn’t enough for a meal from the tiny little garden bed, there was enough for Lucy and I to snack on, that’s for sure.

lettuce leaf letuce

The oak leaf lettuce we cut a few weeks ago is growing back nicely and I think it will be ready to harvest next week.

kale leaves

The kale is doing pretty awesome too {of course it is!}. My parents were over yesterday and my Mom went home with 5 giant leaves for smoothies and I picked a few this morning as well. Madam Chow left me her recipe for sauteed kale a few weeks ago and I’m going to try it tonight. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow if it all works out. No pressure Madam Chow… no pressure. 😉

square foot gardening carrots

Carrots, check.

tomato blossoms

Tomato blossoms, double check. I planted 3 of my favorite Black Trifle tomato plants in the square foot garden and they are just now starting to blossom. With a little luck, we should have tomatoes in about 6 weeks.

head of broccoli

And check out this giant head of broccoli. Ain’t she pretty? I chopped her up into bits and made a delicious stir fry {I’ll post the recipe later today}. That’s what’s growing in my square foot garden, what’s growing in yours?

I’d love to know.


2013 Square Foot Garden Harvest: 2 pounds 7 ounces

Broccoli 11 ounces
Kale 13 ounces
Lettuce 2 ounces
Peas 5 ounces
Radishes 10 ounces

Read more about my adventures in Square Foot Gardening.

Are you thinking about putting together a Square foot garden? See the how I built a square foot garden grid HERE.

All New Square Foot Gardening

For more information, check out All New Square Foot Gardening.  It is an amazon bestseller and the author, Mel Bartholomew is basically the king of square foot gardening.

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  1. Madam Chow says

    Ach! Be sure to put the lid on the pan to steam the kale a bit to cook it, and finish with the Parmesan cheese. And vinegar and salt are your friends in this recipe – to taste, of course!

  2. Tammy says

    Help! Something is eating my garden as soon as it pops up! So far Ive had turnips and lettuce completely dissappear at the primary 2-leaf stage and my poor beans are loosing their leaves about as fast as they unfurl! I dont see anything in there and my daughter has her own pallet garden not 15 feet away that is doing wonderfully…. What can be stealing my leaves?!?!? :(

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