Video | Bartering with Mavis – Is it Hard to Barter with a Vegan?

My goal this week is not to spend a dime at the grocery store.  This of course means I’ll be doing a lot of bartering with my neighbors.

Last night I showed up on my neighbor Francisco’s doorstep and asked if he wanted to barter with me. Francisco is a vegan, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to go home with.

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Bartering Rules!



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  1. Julie2 says

    This is wonderful, great job to your camera crew too.
    I hope you find a decent way to cook that tofu.
    I must say, you look pretty petite in this video :p

  2. LaToya says

    Awwwwww – Francisco is adorable!
    You always make me giggle, Miss Mavis – BYOC…go fight win – ha.
    Tofu sucks. It tastes like butt. Yes, I said that.

    • Heather says

      Latoya! You make me laugh…which isn’t great today as my stitches are going to bust seeing as how I am recovering from a recent surgery! I was thinking the EXACT same thing…you just said it! Tastes like butt….ohmygoodness!

      Mavis! Love this video! You are so dang adorable with these barters! Way to go! Love that you called out someone on SlimFast…haha! Made me giggle!

      • Elizabeth F says

        Yes tofu can be great , I have never tried a teriyaki flavor as Francisco had. I hope Mavis you cooked it up for the family. I like the extra firm blocks for most of my cooking. I use the asceptic pack soft tofu for making things like lemon bars and pumpkin pie for the times I need to have vegan dishes not just vegetarian ones.

  3. Sarah B says

    I love your bartering videos! Score! I was scrolling through Facebook and my 4 year old son said “Hey, that’s Mavis.” You rank up there with Angry Birds and Bad Piggies.

  4. says

    With the large zucchini, you could slice in half lenthwise, scoop our some from inside, then fry some onion, garlic and mixed vegetables till soft. Fill the zucchini, top with cheese and breadcrumbs and bake, so good.

    • Elizabeth F says

      Actually Pillsbury Crescent rolls, reduced fat are vegan . We use them all the time to make dishes like veggie pizza ( cream cheese, dill, with chopped veggies on top), pigs in a blanket. I know they make some butter flavored ones, maybe they have real butter, maybe just fake butter flavor.

      In fact I have a couple rolls now and a pack of veggie dogs. We are going to make mummy dogs. Wrap the dogs in strips of crescent roll, no too neatly, leaving “face” area uncovered.
      Bake. Dot mustard eyes on and serve with catsup.

  5. Lisa says

    I love your bartering video and hope there are more to come! I wish Francisco was my neighbor because he seems like such a fun guy…plus he could give me vegan cooking idea’s. I think my neighbors would think I was crazy if I tried to barter with them. I too liked how you just started looking in his fridge for something you wanted. However, if I was you I wouldn’t be telling the person you are bartering with that you got the stuff for free!

  6. MaryW says

    Mavis, have you ever heard of Egyptian Walking Onions? It’s a perennial onion. You should check it out. I have a half a bed(10ft long x4 ft wide) of them, and they are amazing!

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